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At Dreamscapes and Design, we create the finishing touches that add value and beauty to your landscape. Our team of
knowledgeable craftsmen can construct all of your new features in a variety of shapes, colors and patterns to blend in with the
existing landscape style.

Our Construction Options can include:

•  Decorative Decks, Patios and Walkways •  Ponds, Fountains, Waterfalls and Stream Beds
•  Cedar, Vinyl, Split, Dowel and Chain Link Fencing •  Outdoor Kitchen, Living and Recreational Space
•  Retaining Walls and Stone Walls •  Stamped and Colored Concrete
•  Gas and Wood Fireplaces •  Stone, Veneer and Brick Masonry
•  Arbors and Pergolas •  Outdoor Lighting
•  Carpentry •  Excavation and Earthwork
•  Boulder Placement •  BBQ and Fire Pits
•  Perennial Gardens, Sod and HydroSeed •  Xeriscaping and Dry River Beds